The proven better replacement for floss, interdental brushes and other toothpicks


Clean your teeth faster and better then flossing!     Flossing is not very effective at all!

In 2008 there has been a very good scientific review of teeth cleaning methods done by the Academic Dental Centre of the University of Amsterdam. This review came to  the conclusion: Only one method has proven preventative efficacy in reducing gum inflammation: the anatomical designed triangular woodstick.

 Despite this research more and more plastic products come on the market that are usually round shaped brushes and far more expensive without any research on efficacy. Many people have trouble using floss and would love something better.

 Cleaning teeth now has become easier then ever with the ecologically re-invented anatomically correct Dr. Dental Spa woodsticks. They are made from natural desinfecting Birchwood (contains the natural birch sugar xylitol). Read the scientific evidence and STICK with us and go ECO!


SUSTAINABLE ECO WOOD   These woodsticks are made from Birch wood from sustainable forestry in the greenest part of North East China, near to the Russian border where protected animals as Leopards and Tigers are still in their natural habitat. The sticks are cleaned, hardened and sterilised at 120 degrees Celsius (ISO9001:2000 certification) before being packed in 100 piece minipacks without blisters (to save plastic). 

The optimal replacement for the discontinued woodsticks from O.B.  The discontinuation actually was the reason that the founder of the brand Dr. Dental Spa (Dr. Frederik M. Timmermans, MSc Dentist) started a quest for a good or maybe even better replacement dental woodstick. And he has found one! The Chinese birch wood that is used to make these sticks is just a bit harder then the European birch but still flexible, so that it does not break easily. It has a slightly rough surface that acts as a brush to the teeth and cleans intensely. This is where most plastic toothpicks fail completely.

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Did you know you have a 75% chance that you do not get enough vitamins in meals? Gum bleeding?


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User comments
"This woodstick is my best friend, I always have box with me and I can keep my teeth in perfect condition. I know my family had gum disease and I can prevent this with this simple stick"

-- Ellen K., NZ

Thank you so much, I could make my husband very happy with your woodsticks, he missed them dearly since Oral B had discontinued their product. And these are a perfect replacement.

-- Milly B., Australia