The proven better replacement for floss, interdental brushes and other toothpicks


Toothpick Art

Here are some nice examples what you can do best with regular round toothpicks: PLEASE do NOT use them for your teeth but you can create Art!


You might think needling together millions of toothpicks in the name of art is too tedious a triumph, but some artists swear the simple combination of glue and slivers of wood is perfect for creating sculptures. The projects below—including a replica of the Taj Mahal and a gorgeous galleon—are perfect examples of toothpick art at its most skilled. Some are the byproduct of years of work and some two-week adventures, but all the structures are reason enough for a big food-free smile.







User comments
"This woodstick is my best friend, I always have box with me and I can keep my teeth in perfect condition. I know my family had gum disease and I can prevent this with this simple stick"

-- Ellen K., NZ

Thank you so much, I could make my husband very happy with your woodsticks, he missed them dearly since Oral B had discontinued their product. And these are a perfect replacement.

-- Milly B., Australia