The proven better replacement for floss, interdental brushes and other toothpicks


Dr-Dental Spa

The brand Dr. Dental Spa was created in 2012 by Dr. Fred M. Timmermans, DDS In New Zealand. He was very dissapointed that there were hardly any good interdental cleaners on the market that were also ecologically friendly. More and more plastic products have entered on the market, but none with the qualities of an anatomically formed wooden stick. So here was an opportunity to create a better and more sustainable product for a really affordable price.

The name was chosen because Dr Timmermans has created a Dental Spa in Picton New Zealand, a very special dental practice with holistic healing and a passion for prevention.

 Drs Fred M. Timmermans

Drs. Fred M. Timmermans, DDS MSc TSVI




User comments
"This woodstick is my best friend, I always have box with me and I can keep my teeth in perfect condition. I know my family had gum disease and I can prevent this with this simple stick"

-- Ellen K., NZ

Thank you so much, I could make my husband very happy with your woodsticks, he missed them dearly since Oral B had discontinued their product. And these are a perfect replacement.

-- Milly B., Australia